New paper out on reindeer lichen monitoring

Cezanne R., Eichler M., Mestdagh X., Titeux N. & Diederich P. (2016) Zur Bestandssituation der Rentierflechten (Cladonia-Arten der Cladina-Gruppe) in Luxemburg. Bulletin de la Société des naturalistes luxembourgeois, 118, 53-68. [PDF]

An inventory of the reindeer lichens (Cladonia species belonging to the Cladina group) in Luxembourg. – Almost all Luxembourg localities from where the five known species of reindeer lichens have been reported in the past have been carefully surveyed between 2011 and 2015. The size and structure of each population, details on habitat, and possible impairments have been recorded, together with a list of all accompanying terricolous lichen species. Amongst the 61 localities studied, Cladina species were present only in 25. In the remaining 36, either they have disappeared, or previous records were erroneous. The most common species are Cladonia portentosa (19 localities), C. ciliata (17) and C. arbuscula (12), while C. mitis (5) and C. rangiferina (4) are nowadays very rare. Only five localities in the Oesling have rich populations with at least four of the five species.