Two new papers in early view in Diversity and Distributions

Titeux N., Maes D., Van Daele T., Onkelinx T., Heikkinen R.K., Romo H., García-Barros E., Munguira M.L., Thuiller W., van Swaay C.A.M., Schweiger O., Settele J., Harpke A., Wiemers M., Brotons L. & Luoto M. The need for large-scale distribution data to estimate regional changes in species richness under future climate change. Diversity and Distributions, early view, doi:10.1111/ddi.12634. [PDF]

Titeux N., Henle K., Mihoub J.-B., Regos A., Geijzendorffer I.R., Cramer W., Verburg P.H. & Brotons L. Global scenarios for biodiversity need to better integrate climate and land use change. Diversity and Distributions, early view, doi:10.1111/ddi.12624. [PDF]